Your new version of PONG could win $100,000

If you’re an indie developer with even an inkling of talent, you might want to get on Atari’s 40th anniversary celebration of PONG. They’re celebrating with a challenge: you, the indie developer (or would-be game developer), will develop your version of PONG for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Submissions will be accepted from today, February 28th, until March 31st, 11:59PM ET.

Are there any guidelines? Why yes, there are. They are looking for submissions filled with fun, marketability, visual appeal and originality. I can’t remember the last time fun wasn’t marketable, so the criteria are spot on. Apparently you don’t have to actually create the game, you can even just submit a design document to be considered. There is another key piece of information: You must have an Apple developer ID to enter. You can create your ID here.

If you’d like to tweet about this competition, use #PongDevChallenge. For full details regarding the PONG Indie Developer Challenge, visit Atari.

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