Mario delivers real-life Mario Kart to man in Tennessee (jealousy inside!)

Just to serve as proof that those crazy pre-order promotions at GameStop are true (and that maybe you should get in on them), Nintendo has released pictures of the event: a man named Nathanial Stehley received a real-life Mario Kart for his ultra-lucky Mario Kart 7 pre-order from a man in a suit Mario! How cool is that?

The holy aura of race-dom gathers a small local crowd.

Does this mean that Mario is giving up racing for good? No, don’t worry, everyone, the Mario Kart series is much too profitable for that to ever happen. This custom piece of fan-service was created by the crafty people at West Coast Customs, so we’re pretty sure Mario’s ride is safe and sound back in the Mushroom Kingdom.

You'd like to make fun of a grown man in a Mario Kart, but your jealous weeping prevents it.

Source: Nintendo

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