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When people hear the name Ashley Wood some people think artist, some figure creator, and other don’t know who he is. I’ve been following him for a while now since he did some work for the Spawn series as well as releasing some books on the Metal Gear Series. When I hear it, I think of all the first two. He is a great artist as well as a great figure creator.

2 years ago there was a rumor that Ashley and Kojima planned to release a figure of Metal Gear REX. There were prototype photos and everything, but as the months turned to years no news came by. Just until recently, when Gimbat (a staff member for ThreeA) announced that there would be news to be released early 2012.  Afterwards, photos of a more detailed picture of REX were posted by Kojima himself. And as you can see from the pictures below it is amazing! As you can see from the size it is huge! No actual dimensions have been said, though there will be a special newsletter just for REX before the actual sale date.

After seeing those pictures it got me pumped up for the release of this figure. Finally when the weekly newsletter was sent out last night, it confirmed that REX will be for pre-order next week on March 2nd at 9AM Hong Kong time. Though, the price will scare many folks away. That is because that price is $490; with shipping of course. I cannot wait to get my hands on this bad boy. I will be trying to pre-order 2 of these. This will be my Holy Grail of toys/figures. If I had lots of money and connections to both ThreeA and Kojima, I would build an army of Metal Gear REX.

On a side note, it has also been confirmed that Metal Gear RAY is next. Let’s hope it does not take two years for it to come out. So for all those Metal Gear fans and figure collectors make sure you have your money set and your time right for when this big guy drops. So for now, enjoy the photos of REX.


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