Angry Birds Space – yes, it’s a new Angry Birds game

Did you really think those Angry Birds were just going to get therapy, report the pigs to the authorities, and then get on with their lives? Find a river-shaped location to cry in, everyone, because the Angry Birds are now going to space. I’m kind of hoping they bust out some Mountain Dew and ride some Tyrano-sharks to the extreme.

We can’t confirm whether or not this is a NASA-propelled experiment involving fowl and low gravity, but you can definitely expect a full reveal of the game on March 8th. To be even more specific, the video below gives times for different cities around the world: Los Angeles (7am), New York (10am), London (3pm), and Shanghai (11pm). The game itself should be out on March 22nd. Get those slingshot-pulling thumbs ready, because the birds are back.

Via: VG247

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