WWE Champion CM Punk calls out singer Chris Brown

Never afraid to speak his mind and start controversy, WWE star CM Punk released a video on Twitter today aimed at R&B singer Chris Brown. It all started when a huge campaign was brought up to keep Brown off the Grammy Awards because he had physically assaulted Rihanna in 2009. Many believed it sent the wrong message to kids and Brown should not be allowed to perform on the show. Following Chris Brown’s Grammy win, many displayed how displeased they were on twitter. Obviously, CM Punk was one of them.

I would like @chrisbrown fight somebody that can defend themselves. Me curb stomping that turd would be a moment.

Not willing to let CM Punk’s remark go by unanswered, the woman beater…I mean…R&B singer shot back with his own tweet:

@CMPunk needs more followers. He’s such a leader! Not to mention the roids hes on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a women.

The tweet was quickly removed by Brown and was replaced with another.

@CMPunk contact my assistant and I’ll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!!”

Punk took huge offense to the earlier joke made by Brown. Punk has always been vocal about his straight edge lifestyle, where people do not take drugs, drink alcohol or smoke.

Following the airing of tonight’s Super Smackdown, Punk uploaded a video to Twitter responding to the singer’s accusations.

I am a proud life long drug free straight edge individual…

Chris and I come from different worlds. I don’t have an assistant. I don’t have a body guard.  I don’t have a manager or a PR person telling me to delete tweets like Chris does, and I don’t hit women. Period.

[Chris] has made the wrong accusations to the wrong person because I can defend myself.

I will choke you out and I will make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman who has the misfortune of knowing a sad cowardly little boy such as yourself.

Throughout the entire day the singer continued to tweet about the WWE Superstar. At one point, he even goes into a list of his favorite wrestlers.

@cmpunk the video u just posted was cute! It’s so funny how defensive u are.

I really hope this 15 minutes of fame is paying you for the long run becuz music last forever! Wrestlers come and go according to ratings!

I miss the real wrestlers! ( Hacksaw Jim duggan, Brett the hitman heart, coco beware, rowdy roddy piper) #Notnopunks

@KREAYSHAWN: @chrisbrown and GOLD DUST!

@KREAYSHAWN u got that one! Goldberg was the shit![Wrong Wrestler]

THE ROCK #Notnopunks

The singer finally stated on his Twitter that he would no longer bring the wrestler up in his future tweets. CM Punk’s only response was a hash-tag.


Make sure to check out CM Punk’s full video response below. I seriously doubt that Chris Brown would dare step into the ring with Punk and if he did, I’m sure Punk would put him right to sleep.

Also check out my tweet too if anyone cares:

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