True cost of a Death Star

Ever wonder how much it would cost to build a Death Star? I can tell you it’s not going to be cheap. The folks at Centives did the calculations for you. First, they needed the size of the Death Star, and that is 140km in diameter, and they made it the same density as a modern warship. Next, they calculated that it will need 1.08×10^15 tons of steel (that is 1 with 15 zeros!). You may think that the Earth could not hold enough iron, but that’s where you will be wrong. They also calculated that the Earth holds enough to make 2 billion Death Stars.

Though the Earth has enough iron to build 2 billion Death Stars they have two things to keep in mind. First, most of the iron used to make those Death Stars will come from the Earth’s core. Secondly, at the production rate of turning iron to steel, it would take 833,315 years just to start building. The amount to make the steel needed would cost around $8,100,000,000,000,000. This is roughly 13,000 times the Worlds GDP.

So to recap of what’s needed to build your very own Death Star:

  • 1.08×10^15 tons of steel
  • Dig to Earth’s core to retrieve iron needed
  • $8,100,000,000,000,000
  • Learn how to achieve immortality because it will take 833,315 years to just start the work

Source: Centives

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