Hear the Silent Hill: Downpour intro track from Dexter composer

We all know that Akira Yamaoka made the Silent Hill soundtrack. His music is so awesome that even the director for the Silent Hill movie decided to use Yamaoka’s tracks from the video game. So when a new composer comes in to try to take on the Silent Hill franchise, fans are expected to be very anal.

Enter composer Daniel Licht. If you’ve watched Dexter, then you have definitely heard his music before. Check out his intro track for the upcoming game, Silent Hill: Downpour. He’s no Yamaoka, but he certainly does a good job of bringing in his own style into the Silent Hill universe.

Here’s the link to the page if you can’t view the player.

And here’s “Theme of Laura” from Akira Yamaoka.

Source: Soundcloud

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