Over 2 million mods downloaded for Skyrim


Everyone loves Skyrim. That much is obvious. But what people apparently love just as much is being able to mod Skyrim to their tastes.

With the release of the Creation Kit, a free tool that players can use to create their own mods, players have been working like crazy to come up with whatever silly things they can think of, and posting their results on the Steam Workshop page. As of today, all of their work has resulted in over 2 million mods being downloaded for the PC version of the game, with over 2500 different kinds being available for free.

A lot of the mods are things that help improve the game, such as placing more NPCs in the cities, reduced distance for NPC greetings, and use of carriages when you have a lot of stuff on you. Others change various aspects, such as having your horses be more durable. And of course, some are just extremely silly.

So, hats off to you, modders. You’ve sacrificed daylight, sleep, and possibly hygiene to come up with some pretty cool stuff that everyone enjoys.

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