New Cobra Commander is not the same as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character?

I think it has become a general consensus that G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra sucked. I mean, where do we begin. The Doctor, the Accelerator Suits and Marlon Wayans – The movie had everything working against it. Luckily, with G.I. Joe: Retaliation, there seems to be a renewed faith in the film franchise based on the beloved Hasbro property.

Recently, Retaliation director John Chu talked to MovieFone about the upcoming film and how he wishes he could have just started from scratch, rather than having to continue the story from the first one. Don’t we all.

Yeah, I mean, for any filmmaker you want to start with nothing.

It’s hard, but I think everybody felt like we wanted to do a sort of re-attitude toward the movie. And that’s part of the tradition of G.I. Joe, that it reinvents itself every several years. So it’s sort of inline with what had been done, you know, whether it was in the cartoon or if they changed the theme song to another theme song. To me, all of those different transitions are what makes G.I. Joe so great.

Well played Chu but no, it sucked and you know it.

One of the hurdles John and his team had to get over was the first film’s original Cobra Commander. He reveals in the interview that it is not even the same character.

We figured out a way that’s pretty nice. And you get the Cobra Commander that you’ve always wanted. Or, to me, what I always wanted: a bad-ass villain. He’s one of the most iconic villains ever. I’m even following him on Twitter — he’s so funny.

He is, of course, talking about the fake Cobra Commander account on twitter.

Changing the Cobra Commander was just one of the many changes Chu made as director.

That and no lips on Snake Eyes. And no laser guns. And as much real, physical stunts as we can. I don’t want to shoot on a green screen. Of course we had to do some green screen, but, for the most part, we got to shoot a lot of practical stunts.

Cheers to that!

John Chu also reveals that you may see a familiar face in the new film.

You may see a little glimpse of Destro. We’ll have to see. Speaking of the comic book, I love “Silent Interlude.” It’s one of my favorite. Obviously that changed everything for Joe. We do a little homage in our movie to “Silent Interlude.” I’m very excited for the fans to see what we do with that.

You can actually see the homage to Silent Interlude in the trailer. That awesome scene where all the ninjas are fighting on the side of the mountain. Yup, that’s the one.

Maybe you’re still a little hesitant to believe that the series has turned a new leaf. Maybe the first film destroyed all hope you had for a (good) live-action G.I. Joe film.

I’ll say, just give us another shot. That’s what we tried to do with our trailer and all of the material that we’re going to release is, “This is not the last movie. It’s a different attitude.” And just bringing Bruce Willis and Dwayne together, in itself, hopefully, indicates a change of tone and in the movie. When you have Bruce and his sense of humor, but with his real kick-ass presence. And with The Rock, he’s the ultimate action hero. Bringing those two together I would hope shows that we’re serious about it. Not a thing where we’re just trying to get a franchise going up again.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation hits theaters June 29th.

Source: Movie Fone

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