Akuma, Ogre, M. Bison and Jin announced for Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom has revealed the latest four characters for Street Fighter X Tekken. While we have seen leaks of M.Bison and Jin, both were officially announced in the latest trailer. Along with those, two more names have been dropped, those being Akuma and Ogre.

Capcom is getting fans hyped for the game’s release on March 6th, as well as the upcoming EVO 2012 tournament, with new game trailers showing off each of the characters in action. There is also a story prologue featuring the unfortunate Dan, as he gets pummeled mercilessly. PC fans also don’t have to worry about feeling left out, as Capcom also announced a PC version to be due out May 11th.

Unlike the other entrants, Akuma and Ogre are solo participants, hinting at their status as boss characters as well. Both of them look to be insanely brutal, especially Akuma, whose seems to be at his strongest yet, if the super he lands at the end of his trailer is anything to go by.


Introducing M. Bison and Akuma:

Introducing Jin Kazama and Ogre:

Akuma vs Ogre:

Street Fighter X Tekken Story Promo featuring Dan:

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