Vessel preview: A drink of fresh water for puzzle platformers

At first glance Vessel will seem like your average run-of-the-mill puzzle platform shooter, but this is neither a shooter and is definitely nowhere near average. Strange Loop Games brings us a beautifully rendered side-scroller with some of the most interesting puzzles since Portal.

The game revolves around liquid physics (a mechanic that sadly is rarely explored). The last game that fully attempted utilization of this was Super Mario Sunshine. I can safely say that SLG has put Nintendo to shame. The gameplay is harder, mechanics are more intuitive, and the overall experience with Vessel leaves you craving another tall glass of awesome.

You play as M. Arkwright, inventor and problem solver, tasked with the mission of figuring out the malfunctions in a world of Fluro workers (autonomous fluid-based life forms used primarily for cheap, free and effective labor). As you progress through the multitude of worlds with rich detailed environments, you discover new Fluros with different effects that are added to your arsenal and are used to solve puzzles requiring a wide array of fluid motion integration.

Release Date: March 1 2012

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