is Genius – Apple & Borders brick and mortar store

What if you took all the cool things Apple does for its customers in their stores, added the amazing electronic device that undoubtedly is the next renaissance hardware (Amazon Kindle Fire), and also brought back some of that awesomeness Borders offered to their readers? Rumor is Amazon is planning the first real-world, brick and mortar (b&m), store to be open in the next couple of months. The internet shopping giant is on its way with a b&m location specifically devoted and marketed to the paper-book sales, digital media availability, and the Amazon Kindle Fire consumers.

I think Amazon is on to something. The success of the Kindle Fire and the outcry of readers everywhere concerned with popular b&m places being realistically put out of business because of the economic culture we live in today, makes this pairing a strong shimmering light at the end of a near closing tunnel. Things that will never die are paper-books and technology. Makes you think doesn’t it!? The first small boutique is headed to Amazons hometown of Seattle. I think Amazon will have many more of these shops in a couple of years and I can’t wait to step foot into one.


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