The road to victory – My journey in Street Fighter X Tekken’s Cross Assault

It’s been a little under a week since my submission to Capcom’s Cross Assault competition and the community has been talking! A day of work, a bunch of enthusiasm, help from some good friends, sprinkles of love, spice, and everything nice is what composed my video entry in the Cross Assault Submission. This is a true test of the typical underdog story. The Pros are coming out of the work, the fans are calling for blood, and low and behold, an underdog arises from the mist.

I can tell you this long 6-day journey to possibly being a contender is an honor in itself. I have the support of my friends, family, and colleagues. The online community loves the entry and wants to see if my bark matches up to my bite. I can’t even trash talk the other Cross Assault Submissions because some of these guys I do truly look up to. I think the greatest thing is the stir that this entry has given. It isn’t the fact that people like my video so much, but that they really want to see what I got. I’m not a professional gamer like some of the others, but I can hang with the best. This underdog doesn’t have credibility in the gaming community, but I do have COURAGE. Okay, a little corny, but I will bring Chun Li if I get picked =D

The truth of the matter is I play games hardcore. The content in the video, aside from the comical montage, is true. I play hard and work hard, so this challenge for me is like killing two birds with one stone. It’s up to the producers to decide how the two teams will unfold. I’ll tell you one thing; this David will show Goliath what’s up! Not only that, when it comes time, the fans will not be disappointed.

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