Capcom’s Cross Assault

While fighting game fans eagerly await the release of Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom is giving 10 lucky fans a chance to win $25,000 by having a week long tournament that will be streamed live. This show “Cross Assault,” will pick five players to represent Team Street Fighter and five more for Team Tekken.

The rules are simple; players must create a video log about themselves and explain why they deserve the chance at the grand prize. The video submissions must be turned in before Feb 8th where Capcom will pick the two teams and have the players fly out to California to train with the best players. The finals will take place in Atlanta, GA. at Final Round. Players from all over the country have frantically put their videos together in an effort to sway the judges in their favor.

Most of the videos have players showing off their skills using footage of past events while other chose a more creative route by showing off their personalities. Some of these more creative videos have sparked arguments in the gaming community and what they want to see in the event. The online society has spoken out to see their ideal picks in a battle in this virtual bout between Tekken and Street Fighter players alike. Watching submissions is like a real life drama already -filled with fan favorites, humor, ambition, pride, glory, unicorns, and controversy. This whole ordeal in the geek community is like watching the last two contestants on American Idol to see who will be crowned the new champion!…

But far less dramatic.

Source: Capcom Unity

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