Resident Evil: Revelations launches today on 3DS with a new trailer

Though Resident Evil: Revelations was released in Europe on January 27th, we Americans are just getting our shot at it today. If you own a 3DS, chances are that you should definitely buy this game. The demo stands as proof that this is, and will probably be for awhile, one of the most graphically impressive pieces of software for the 3DS. On Metacritic, Revelations has an 82 score out of 53 reviews, which is really not that bad.

The launch trailer below highlights a lot of the Bio-Organic Weapons that you’ll be facing during your trip through Revelations-ville. There’s also a new RAID mode, which is co-op, so don’t get scared by the screen being filled with monsters, you’ll have a partner whose hand you can hold onto while you weep your way through it.

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