Say goodbye to Playstation Network and hello to Sony Entertainment Network

In a bit of an odd move, Sony has decided to phase out the name “PlayStation Network” and instead make it an all encompassing Sony Entertainment Network starting on February 8th. Nothing will really change aside from the name, so when you log in on Wednesday from a PlayStation 3, and eventually the VITA, the name change will occur.

It seems Sony wants to unite all Sony products (smart TV’s, computers, phones, gaming, etc) so that they can connect online and be one powerful online universe.

But the one product that will not change, is the PlayStation Portable/PSP GO. No details on why, but we figure Sony would rather move all focus on VITA and PS3, rather than the little portable that gave portable gamers so many hours of enjoyment.

So rest in peace PSN. You passes away at a young age. Welcome to our new overlord, SEN!!


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