Photos from the Doctor Who Burlesque Show

Recently the Nerd Reactor crew was privileged enough to have been invited to check out Peepshow Menagerie‘s production of a Doctor Who themed burlesque show entitled, ‘Space Tease: A Burlesque Adventure Through Time & Space’. With eager smiles and sonic screwdrivers at ready we journeyed forth to Club Monte Cristo in Los Angeles. And as promised the night was filled with pants tightening performances by lovely ladies such as Scarlett Letter, Polly Peabody, Miss Josie Bunnie, Miss Angie Cakes, Prix de Beaute, Anastasia Von Teaserhausen, Dolly Danger, Fever Blister, Lili Soleil, Judy Luck, Spy Kitten, and Jessabelle Thunder. There were everything from a steamy Cyberwoman, to a sensual Weeping Angel, to an enticing Dalek, and more. Hosting the night’s festivities was Patrick the Bank Robber as ‘The Doctor’ and Polly Peabody with special guest appearance by Rex the Impossible. But that’s not all! There was also a live musical performance by Maxi Wild and an after dance party with DJ Shane Love providing the tunes.

If you were bummed out that you missed out on the show you can still follow them on their facebook for their next night of wild debauchery. And as always we do have photos of the evening for your viewing pleasure. So sit back, dust off your fez, and straighten up that bow tie…


Photos Courtesy of Mad Calamity Photos

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