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Brian Terry was a 40-year-old federal agent that was killed on December 14, 2011, after confronting suspected drug bandits near the Arizona-Mexico border; the unfortunate truth in any division of any agency dealing with criminals on a daily basis. The eerie circumstance behind his no doubt untimely death, was the fact of it directly being the result of a U.S. government program named Fast and Furious. And if you recall the 2009 Vin Diesel film sequel, Fast & Furious, then what you are about to read will surprise you. The program was to inflate the drug, street-gang, and black market cartels with illegal weapons. Then a team responsible for the Fast and Furious program would trace how those weapons were moved in-and-out of the Arizona-Mexico border.

Brian Terry - KIA

A typical "Gun Walk" report

Unbelievable, right?! What nailed the coffin shut to this program was the weapons found at the scene of Terry’s death were weapons screened into the Fast and Furious program. So essentially the hard-lined evidence that this program directly tied itself to the killing of a federal agent was there. Doing what no Washington-Hollywood dreaming genius politician and policy maker could do, Terry put his life on the line for his country while his country put the guns in the hands of those that cost him his own. Attorney General, Eric Holder, is currently in the hot seat being sequestered and summoned to answer to how this program ever made it from paper to practice, and to explain to Terry’s family why.

Coincidentally filming for Fast & Furious began in 2008, and was theatrical released in 2009. Fast and Furious program started in 2009.

Source: NPR

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