Nyko Gaming alongside Yo Gabba Gabba!

In gaming there are so many accessory options and dozens of companies to boot, it sometimes can become hard to choose. Nyko has been an established name in gaming accessories and already has plans to take 2012 with some strong products.

With the release of the PS VITA only a few weeks away, Nyko has you covered with multiple VITA products that includes an armor case, power kit, power grip, game case kit and a speaker stand. With the VITA costing up to $299.99, spending those $20-$30 extra bucks on protection is important to any investment.
The speaker stand is just that, allowing you to watch movies and listen to music while standing your VITA.
Aside from gaming, Nyko will be releasing a power case for the Kindle Fire, giving you more power while at the same time protecting your tablet. Alongside the power case, a Nyko Speaker stand lets you enjoy louder music and movies without you having to hold the Kindle.
What was a complete surprise but cool for fans is Nyko now has a licence with popular Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba!
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