Lollipop Chainsaw pre-order options has something for everyone


If you’re a fan of pre-order shenanigans, alternate outfits, or both, Warner Bros. Interactive has got all your bases covered. They’ve just recently revealed all of the delicious options you’ll have access to in order to give Juliet the outfit you want most, depending on which retailer you get the game through.

Amazon offers a simple yet attractive Rockabilly pinup theme, while Best Buy is offering a striking Goth Girl getup (which personally has my interest) and the very funky Foxy Funk outfit. Meanwhile, Gamestop gives movie fans a treat with a setup resembling the original chainsaw wielding monster smasher, Ash from Evil Dead. They also have a special outfit based off of Jimmy Urine, who provides his own voice for one of the bosses, from the band Mindless Self Indulgence.

Honestly, all these different pre-order options for the sake of competition is kind of silly to me, but hopefully all the outfits will at least be available as separate DLC at some point, and the game itself is looking damn awesome. If you want a better look at the outfits, you can find the appropriate screenshots below, as well as a trailer showing each of the themes in action.




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