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The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and Mark Zuckerberg will begin Wednesday with the primary steps of, an up to six month completion process, creating its announced IPO (Initial Public Offering). With the announcement, documents retained in the Registration Statement (the application form filled by Facebook Inc.), state the company had in average of 483 million users in December 2011. The form also listed a full-year net income of $1 billion. If plans are to continue ahead smoothly, and with what industry annalists are reporting, expect Facebook to have an opening IPO near or around $5 billion.

I will be buying stock options. Facebook longevity is remarkable and the depth of social power it retains makes it nearly limitless; paralleled to how Disney is with children, Facebook is to internet connectivity. I truly believe that the internet in 5 to 10 years will revolve in or around Facebook. Internal websites, purchasing forums, media, and of course personal & private cherished memories in each of those 483 million December 2011 users. Don’t forget to jump on the bandwagon ladies and gentleman – it’s going to be a bittersweet ride!

Source: Forbes

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