First in-game screenshots for The Last of Us

Game Informer magazine has quite the exclusive this month: the first in-game screenshots for Naughty Dog’s recently announced game, “The Last of Us“. So far, all we have is the cover of this month’s Game Informer, and I’ll bet that by now you’re wondering where the screenshots are. Well, the screenshots won’t be available online until 4pm. When that happens, we’ll be updating asap so you can all get a glimpse of the latest masterpiece (hopefully). There are going to be a lot of details coming out of this latest issue of GI as well.

::Update:: Here are the screenshots you’ve been waiting for:

For those who don’t know, The Last of Us is a game that focuses on survival aspects. There will be some sort of infected, mutated humans in the game, but regular humans who also pose a threat. Their motivations for attacking the player are presumably to take their resources, or perhaps like the movie, The Road, to eat them. For now, enjoy the cover.

Source: Game Informer

Via: VG247

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