Trion Worlds Announces Rift “Lite” FTP

As of Feb 1, 2012, Trion World’s massive MMO Rift has become unlimited free to play up to level 20! Thats right, no limits to anything you can do other than leveling past the cap. This move could have many positive and negative effects on the MMO. Let us examine some pros and cons of an MMO going FTP (even if not completely)


  • More people trying the game, more possible subscribers (Obvious)
  • Worlds will become more populated, easier to find groups


  • Farmers galore
  • Trolls
  • Market inflation on low level items (Not sure if they have market or trade access)
  • Overcrowding of low level areas

Although going FTP has been the path for most MMOs, it ruins early game for the original paying members. Now as a reward for loyal subscribers Trion could provide a secondary optional leveling area or a faster way to get out of 1-20.

So, go download and enjoy this visually stunning, overlooked, and highly underrated MMO. Free!

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