Kinect SDK 1.0 for Windows Shipping out!

As previously announced at CES 2012, the Windows SDK 1.0 Kinect Hardware will be available as of today and begin shipping out for the price of $249. But do not let this discourage you, if you can convince Microsoft that this is for educational purposes than you get a $100 discount!


The SDK proves four camera support with the ability to recognize objects as close as 40cm. Also in this build is enhanced voice recognition known as “far-talk”. For all hardware and software upgrade specifics visit the blog at

You may also download the SDK free at

There is one major reason this makes me so happy in my pants, and the reason I no longer need to buy an X-box 360.



This might also work with the PC version now! Alas this is speculation but a complete possibility. So do not fret you may still be able to yell “Garrus FU*&!%$ Concussion Shot!”  at your screen even if you do not have an X-Box.


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