KAROTZ: Rabbit Gone Wild Facebook Device

Say hello to my little friend (that never gets old) – The Karotz. This rabbit is a multipurpose Internet-connected 3rd party Facebook hardware peripheral. The little guy will move his ears, speak to you, read, listen, light up and will even detect the presence of objects by sniffing them. The little guy will adapt to your every social move! Being a third generation device (how did we miss the first two!?), it has the exceptional ability to broadcast music, texts, alerts, and many third party apps as well. The Karotz even works with smartphones.

The Karotz is so smart it will emote weather forecasts, read RSS feeds, and keep you up-to-date when you may not be quick enough while grinding away on the computer or on your smartphone. By the way, you can find the app connective software on both Android and App stores. Check out the cool video after the jump!

This cute little bunny does it all. Too bad it does not have feet, because then it would also count as a good luck charm! If I was just a little bit younger and spent most my days at home, I would buy this in a heartbeat. Well wait a minute, I have an office desk to put this on! Time to make some office mates jealous. Is anyone hungry for carrots?

The Karotz goes for $129.99 and is available at Karotz Amazon, Brookstone, J&R, Computerworld, and ThinkGeek dot com’s.

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