Games Veteran Kazuo Hirai Will Succeed Sir Howard Stringer as Sony’s Chief Executive

Today, Sony announced that the current Chief Executive, Sir Howard Stringer, would be stepping down on April 1st and that Kazuo Hirai will be replacing him. Hirai currently oversees the Consumer Products and Services Group, which includes electronics, games and network serviced businesses. Sir Howard Stringer has been the reigning Chief Executive since 2005 and is also the first non-Japanese to hold the position (he’s a Welsh-born American). As of late, Sony has not been doing as well as it used to in the past, with this year prepping to be the fourth in a row of projected losses. To Stringers credit, he did take a pay cut last year after the tsunami hit and after the PSN outage debacle. Since his 7 years of service, Stringer did help take Sony to a more “healthier” state than what it was previously at prior to his arrival.

From starting with Sony Music Entertainment back in 1984, to then joining Sony’s Computer Entertainment America in 1995 to finally heading the Consumer Products and Services Group currently, he has spent most of his long career with Sony, being very successful in every position. He’s had a major impact on the gaming industry in assisting with the Playstation’s dominance in the U.S. markets when it first came out, as well as getting 2nd party franchises exclusive to the Playstation 2 (Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs and Ratchet & Clank). Hirai will have a tough road ahead of him, but I believe he will breathe a much needed breath of fresh air into the company.

Source: Reuters

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