Antec High Current Gamer M PSU Series – shorts clutter, gains power

Antec has not skipped a beat with the PC computer hardware market. Nevertheless, 26 years later they are still striving to make sure that never changes. I run Antec products like crazy with my built systems! Am I bias? Sure! But, the companies track record speaks for itself if you simply dispute my high regard.

The High Current Gamer M PSU Series, featured bellow, is the latest in Antec’s desktop PSU power modules. A 400W, 520W, and 620W selection is available with the extremely popular hybrid modularity, allowing for a cleaner system build with less wire-frenzy clutter. So if you are tired of that rats nest inside your case, it is time to get a modular PSU or pickup one of these for sure.

Some out there swear that more power means business and anything less is just a waste if you are a true gamer or hard PC user. Well, that’s not always the case. The Antec M PSU series offers a mainstream 80 PLUS® Bronze certification guaranteeing up to 87% of the PSU’s power. In turn, you won’t have to worry that this purchase will cut short what it claims to exert in watts.  With premium certified components, and a 135mm double ball-bearing fan, noise will never be an issue. Sorry to those who were looking for a room heater PSU because the new series will stay cool for all your high-performance needs.

Every time something great like this breaks, I always want to build a new rig. The eagerly high price tag is a little bit of an issue. I would of expected it to be a bit lower for the wattage stated, but with all electronics, the price is sure to lower and ease wallets in the next month or two. The Antex M PSU series will be out in the next week or two (early February) and at Newegg, ASI, Amazon, J&R, and many more retailers. Keep an eye out for it if you are in the market for an upgrade or new build.

For all my tech heads out there, check the specs bellow for the leading Antec 620 model.

High Current Gamer M MSRP
HCG-400M USD $89.95
HCG-520M USD $99.95
HCG-620M USD $119.95

Detailed Specifications:

• 620W Continuous Power

• 80 PLUS® BRONZE certified – Up to 87% efficient

• 10-pin modular sockets

• 135mm double ball bearing fan with long lifetime

• All-black wires for minimal visibility in chassis

• All Japanese Heavy-Duty Capacitors

• Advanced low voltage fan control for optimal heat & noise management

• 92.9% +12V – Output for maximum CPU & GPU support

• 2 PCI-E connectors for multiple GPU support

• AQ5 – Antec Quality 5 year warranty and global online support 24/7

• Industrial grade protections:

o Over Current Protection (OCP)

o Over Voltage Protection (OVP)

o Under Voltage Protection (UVP)

o Short Circuit Protection (SCP)

o Over Power Protection (OPP)

o Surge & Inrush Protection (SIP)

**taken from HCG-620

Power Supply Connectors:

Fixed cables:

1 x 24(20+4)-pin main connector

1 x 8(4+4)-pin ATX12V/EPS12V

Modular cables:

2 x 8(6+2)-pin PCI-E

1 x FDD + 3 x Molex

3 x Molex (1 each)

2 x SATA (3 each)

**taken from HCG-620

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