Game Informer’s Assassin’s Creed III hub cover accidentally exposed?

With the big Assassin’s Creed III news that featured a leaked promotional art of a possible Native American assassin during the American Revolution, Game Informer may have accidentally exposed a

PS Vita sales are good, but still no match for 3DS

Sony has just released the global sales numbers for the their new handheld, the PS Vita. They are reporting that the PS Vita has sold 1.2 million units globally since

The Walking Dead cast The Governor for Season 3

Season 2 of The Walking Dead is currently airing, but that’s not stopping the AMC show from getting a head start for the next season. Actor David Morrissey has been

So that’s why Waldo is so hard to find

Waldo can be a very tricky person to track. People hear his name and they always ask, “Where’s Waldo?” Now we know why he’s a difficult person to find, thanks

Assassin’s Creed III to lay the smackdown on the English, Loyalists, Patriots, and Native Americans?

A Best Buy employee has taken a snapshot of what’s supposedly an Assassin’s Creed III promotional art on one of their employee news section and sent it to Kotaku. The

The iPad 3 is upon us

Apple just recently sent out invitations for a media event to be held in San Francisco next Wednesday March 7. Apple PR has not verified that they will be unveiling

Set photo of Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Man of Steel major plot spoiler inside

Update (March 2, 2012): We’ve added more photos on the set of Man of Steel Our good buddies over at Nuke the Fridge has a set photo of Amy Adams

Lucy Liu to play Watson in CBS’ New Sherlock Holmes Series

CBS has cast Lucy Liu to play Watson in their new Sherlock Holmes series, ‘Elementary’. Liu will be playing an ex-surgeon and former NYPD consultant in this new series who

Zone of the Enders games get the HD treatment

Konami sure loves those HD Collections. The game company has introduced to us the Metal Gear HD Collection and the Silent Hill HD Collection. Just when you thought they were

The ‘noobz’ movie trailer be reppin’ the online gaming community

We’ve had our fair share of movies involving the video game culture like Wizard, Grandma’s Boy, and The Last Starfighter. As a gamer, I always get a kick out of

Pac-Man to get a new US cartoon. Hide the children

  American TV adaptations of video games have been scant these days, with providers instead opting to air the localized versions of ones produced in Japan. Largely because the US

Bill Murray’s not interested in Ghostbusters 3 says Dan Aykroyd

In an interview with the Telegraph, Dan Aykroyd talks about Bill Murray’s interest in doing Ghostbusters 3…which is zero. It would be fun to see a third Ghostbusters movie with

The Avengers theatrical trailer is now online!

The theatrical trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers is finally upon us…and it is epic! We get a better look at how S.H.I.E.L.D. is searching all over to find Earth’s mightiest

Steelseries Fire Sale! Get everything you wanted NOW!

In celebration of of the Quad leap year as hinted just a few days ago on Steelseries’ Facebook, Steelseries is having a sale of up to 65% off on select products.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Players had a few questions about the upcoming Battle Pack Epic Dawn, we got them answered

For Yu-Gi-Oh! players, the surprise announcement of the Battle Pack: Epic Dawn was a nice change of pace when cards like Tour Guide of the Underworld, Fiendish Chain, Fabled Raven

Mario delivers real-life Mario Kart to man in Tennessee (jealousy inside!)

Just to serve as proof that those crazy pre-order promotions at GameStop are true (and that maybe you should get in on them), Nintendo has released pictures of the event:

Quantum of Solace director to helm Cowboy Ninja Viking

Quantum of Solace and upcoming World War Z director Marc Forster will be helming Image Comics’ Cowboy Ninja Viking by writer AJ Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo. The graphic novel

Dreamcast’s Jet Set Radio grinds onto PC, PSN, Xbox 360

There are probably numerous amounts of you poor souls who missed what is probably the finest tagging game ever made. Jet Grind Set Radio was originally released on the SEGA

Prometheus promo takes a dump on Alien vs. Predator

Here’s a promo for Prometheus of Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland speaking at TED 2023. The promo was shown exclusively to audiences at TED 2012, a convention about “Ideas Worth

Your new version of PONG could win $100,000

If you’re an indie developer with even an inkling of talent, you might want to get on Atari’s 40th anniversary celebration of PONG. They’re celebrating with a challenge: you, the