Microsoft to Axe the MS Point System

According to Inside Mobile Apps, Microsoft will stop using the MS Point system by the end of the year for services including Xbox Live, Windows Phone and the Zune Marketplace.

Blizzcon 2012 Cancelled, Pushed Back to 2013

  Early this morning, gaming giant Blizzard casually dropped a bombshell no one ever saw coming. With their increasingly complicated scheduling, they have made the decision to forgo Blizzcon this

Resident Evil 6 Gets Leon S. Kennedy and Newcomer Helena Harper Artworks

Capcom has released new artworks for Leon S. Kennedy and Resident Evil newcomer, Helena Harper. Leon (see below) is looking very sad and moody. I mean, who can blame the

Soul Calibur V and GYMBOX Join Forces to Help You Lose Weight

GYMBOX in London has teamed up with Soul Calibur V to help promote the release of the game for the month of February. Every Tuesday at 7pm, beginning on February

THQ Ditches Kiddy Games and Goes Hardcore

THQ has announced that it will be focusing on core games for its new business strategy. So what does that mean? It means goodbye kids’ licensed video games, as the

Stan Lee Live & Global from the Sundance Film Festival

Today, Stan Lee gave a live and global webcast with host Gene Simmons from the Sundance Film Festival to promote his biographical documentary which will be screening at the festival

Spartacus: Vengeance Red Carpet Premiere and Ep 1 Review was invited to attend the red carpet premiere of Spartacus: Vengeance. The second season will air on Starz on Friday January 27th. Guest writer Laura S. gives us her

The Pirate Bay Starts Offering Physibles – 3D Objects for Download

For some reason, I still can’t seem to wrap my head around this, but The Pirate Bay just announced that users can now access a new category called “Physibles” (physical

Starbucks, DAFUQ?!

A Caramel Maccihato, three shots, extra sauce, maple scone, and free wi-fi, good as it gets, right? Well along with this heavenly combination, I also enjoy taking a few puffs of

Princess Peach Gets a Poster for Mario Warfare Fan Film

Princess Peach just got a brand-spanking new poster for the upcoming Mario Warfare fan film series by Beat Down Boogie, you know, the guys that did Modern War Gear Solid.

Blu-ray Review: Paranormal Activity 3 – When Kids Do Creepy Things

The found-footage style of movies are here to stay. The Blair Witch Project pioneered it, and it was a great new way to scare audiences. The found-footage style carried over

That’s A Huge Freaking Hammer Death Has In Darksiders II

  Darksiders II is set to continue the story of the Apocalypse right where the first title left off. With the second Horseman, Death, at the forefront, players will be

The 2012 Oscars Announces the Nominations – Jonah Hill Gets a Nom?

Wow, look at all these movies I’m missing out on (and most of them I’ve never even heard of). The only movie I saw in the “Best Picture” category is

We Learned Light Saber Fighting from a Jedi Master: Nick Gillard

I stepped into the world of Star Wars last Sunday. There weren’t any wookies, ewoks or galactic threats from the Empire, but there were light saber battles of student proportions.

Mario and Zelda Songbooks Now Available Outside of Japan

Do you have the theme songs to Mario and Zelda etched permanently onto some small section of your brain? Even the most casual of gamers can break out into song

Spider-Man Cameo in The Avengers?!

  What?! I call Bullsh*t! A big rumor has just dropped today. According to Bleeding Cool, Jenny Agutter recently talked to The Radio Times about her work on The Avengers.

The Red Skull Might Be Alive, but He Won’t be in The Avengers

One of the lingering questions I couldn’t stop thinking about after watching Captain America was whether or not the Red Skull had actually died at the end. Being a major

Resident Evil: Revelations 5-Minute Trailer (Massive Spoilers)

Resident Evil: Revelations – Psalm 360p, Verse 5•Minute Trailer (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

God of War IV & Syphon Filter 4: Factual Details or Rumors for Next Month

GOD OF WAR IV & SYPHON FILTER 4: Factual Details or Rumors for Next Month

Give Your Phone More Life with PowerSkin

Let’s face it, we are very dependent on technology. As tablets are integrating more into our daily lives, and our smart phones are getting more social, we can’t help but