A Month with My New Imported PlayStation Vita

It’s been about a month since I first got my PlayStation VITA from my local import store. I had to wait a few extra days for the shipment to come

The Avengers Prop Replicas from eFX Inc Coming This Spring

Now that eFX Inc has acquired the rights to make Marvel collectibles, the prop company will be creating replica props for the upcoming Avengers film by Joss Whedon. The new

A Brief History of Neo Geo with a New Portable System

Back in the 90s, I would find myself playing at my local arcade after school, and the one thing I loved playing was the Arcade Machine that offered multiple NEO

CES: Monster Takes Gaming to a New Level

Monster had an incredible press conference for CES, but the booth was an attraction all its own. The company is well known for its high quality cables and other accessories

Terminator 5 Will Be Rated R

My fond memories of the first two Terminator films were the gratuitous violence and f-bombs dropped. Well, that, and a futuristic robot that time travels back to save a kid.

NCSoft Files Lawsuit Against Tera Developers

  MMORPG title Tera may be currently scheduled to launch in NA this coming May, but it seems that rival NCSoft is keen on preventing that from happening. The studio

California Pays Back ESA – There Goes $950,000 of CA Taxpayers’ Money

Ah the ESA. It’s a love and hate relationship with them isn’t it? We hated them for supporting SOPA/PIPA, yet we love them for defending us in the Brown vs.

This Is Why You’re Not in a Star Wars Movie

Let’s face it. If we were ever to be in a Star Wars movie wielding a lightsaber, we’d be giddy like a schoolgirl. Here’s a commercial for Kinect Star Wars

2013 Ford Fusion is an American Story

“Blame it on the economy.” Never has a statement been uttered so much as this has in the past few years. As it’s been told, innovation is born through necessity,

Disney’s Prince Charming set to appear on the Cover of GQ Magazine?!

You: “Really?!” No, of course not! Who do you think they are, Playboy? Luckily, crafty Tumblr user Petite Tiaras has used some of her excellent photoshopping skills to make my

The Rock Returns to the WWE in March

He left us! He f*cking left us! Following his Tag Team match with John Cena at Survivor Series, The Rock disappeared once again from WWE TV. Currently doing press junkets

Hitman: Absolution Community Site, Now Accepting New Members

IO Interactive is now on their 5th installment in the Hitman franchise, and this one looks like it could be the one to propel the series to new heights. To

Rumor: Xbox 720 is Anti-Used Games

It’s about two years away from the supposed launch of Microsoft’s next system, the “Xbox 720”, yet the rumor mill churns out the craziest things well in advance. This latest

Developers Praise Zynga for Copying Their Game

I have to hand it to Nimblebit, the developers of Tiny Tower, for coming up with such a funny picture. They have found out that Zynga had copied their game

Listen to the Batman: Death Wish Fan Film Panel at Amazing Arizona Comic Con

Listen to the full Batman: Death Wish Q&A panel during Amazing Arizona Comic Con, where the fan film premiered. The panel features Jennifer Zhang (writer), Matt Hiscox (director), Joey Rassool

You See that Catwoman Statue? She’s got Curved Heels. Curved. Heels.

Got that Skyrim reference? No? Too bad. Here’s a U.K. Toy Fair image of DC Direct’s Catwoman statue from the upcoming Dark Knight Rises film by Christopher Nolan. This is

Ready for a Third Hangover Movie?

The movie-going audience has spoken, and the powers that be have decided that a third Hangover movie needs to be made. Since the first and second Hangover movie made mucho

A New Reason to ‘Quarrel’ with Others on Xbox Live

If you’re tired of the Xbox Live scene only rewarding twitch gaming skills, and words are your forte, “Quarrel” may be what you’ve been looking for. Its gameplay is focused

L’Arc-en-Ciel to Be the First Japanese Artist to Headline at Madison Square Garden in NYC

L’Arc-en-Ciel, a Japanese rock band with music featured in many animes and Japanese video games, will be the first Japanese artist to headline at Madison Square Garden in New York

LEGO Makes Minecraft a Reality

The video game phenomenon has just been approved to be created in the LEGO world. The idea for the new kits came from the Lego submission site, Lego Cuusoo, where