Want to Play the Resident Evil 6 Demo? Well, Buy a Copy of Dragon’s Dogma

What’s the best way to push sales of a new IP? For Capcom the answer is to include a demo of Resident Evil 6 with Dragon’s Dogma. Not only will this increase sales, but it will also give fans their RE6 fix.

In the one week since the Resident Evil 6 trailer was released, the game has more buzz around the internet than Dragon’s Dogma has gotten since it was announced at least year’s E3. Capcom is pretty positive about Dragon’s Dogma, but wants to add that little push.

Xbox owners will gain access to the Resident Evil 6 beta on July 3, while PlayStation 3 owners have to wait until September 4. With the RE6 release date of November 20th, Xbox 360 owners are the winners getting an extra 2 months to enjoy the Demo.

Dragon’s Dogma will be released May 22nd in the US, and May 25th in Europe.

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