RIM Tries to Revitalize Blackberry with Cartoon Superheroes = FAIL! *UPDATED*

RIM has just introduced their new “Be Bold” campaign in an attempt to raise the flailing Blackberry brand. So who will be the new face of Research in Motion? Cartoon Superheroes. Seriously? Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, RIM believes that the aptly dubbed “The Bold Team” superhero squad is the answer to their problems and will help resuscitate Blackberry. Here’s a quick bio for each of the characters:

  • GoGo Girl (The Achiever) – is “Saving the day with a brilliant strategy, a smile, or a spatula. She’s clever, resourceful, and just a bit random.” So you’re telling me that she cooks and is a part time stripper (the GoGo part)?
  • Trudy Foreal (The Authentic) – is “Not afraid to call it as she sees it. She enjoys long walks on the beach and old-school ninja movies.” Sounds like a description for an online dating site. I’ve heard of old-school martial arts movies, not ninja movies.
  • Justin Steele (The Advocate) – is “Always ready to stick up for his friends. His hobbies include saving cats stuck in trees and using social feeds in his spare time.” Because cats stuck in trees have become a major problem. So this guy just plays around on Facebook and Twitter all day and probably gets into fights all the time “sticking up for his friends.”
  • Max Stone (The Adventurer) – “Able to jump out of a plane and land on a moving speedboat. He’s tough, proud, and a little wild. You can count on Max to face any challenge.” It sounds to me like Max is an adrenaline junky that’ll most likely die from a dare/bet he wouldn’t back down from. I bet you can’t jump into and active volcano and live. “I’ll take that bet.” He probably drives a lifted truck with a Monster Energy Drink logo on it too.

I’m really not too sure who exactly their demographic is with this new campaign, but it seems like kids 6-10 would love it. And rightfully so, because Blackberries have become nothing but plastic toys to give your kids to play with while you use your Android or Apple smartphone. Oh RIM, what will you think of next?


We have received an update from RIM that explains the infographic and Be Bold campaign, which you can read here. Also, here is a link to Blackberry’s YouTube channel for a first hand look at the new commercials as well.

Source: PC Mag

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