Everquest to go Free-to-Play


Everquest has enjoyed a long, healthy life so far, coming onto its 13 year anniversary and releasing 18 different expansions during that time. It’s become a bit of a legend in the MMORPG genre. However, in March of this year, the title will be venturing into new territory: F2P services.

The classic MMO title will be seeing the switch to a F2P service that is being billed as “Free to Play, Your Way.” They will be introducing three different tiers of play, so that players can be able to choose how much they want to invest into the game. Free rank is fairly self-explanatory. Silver rank allows for unlocking of additional perks for a small fee, while Gold rank allows for full access on a recurring subscription basis. All of the information you’ll need about what you’ll have access to at what rank can be found on the F2P FAQ page.

Along with the jump to F2P, SOE will also be holding special in-game events to celebrate the 13th birthday. Players will be able to get new items during these events, and it will all be leading up to the big shift. Once the change is in place, all players will also receive a free Welcome Pack, filled with various items to  help enhance the adventuring experience. The pack will contain a unique mercenary summon, experience potions, a Weapon Ornamentation, and other perks as well.

The shift is set to go into place on March 16. If you’ve ever wanted to try the game out for yourself, or if you’ve been itching to hop back on to see what’s changed, now is a better time than any!

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