4-Player Syndicate and Twisted Metal Demos Available Now

Soul Calibur V and Never Dead just released today, but if you’re not in the buying mood, that doesn’t mean that you’re out of options regarding new things to play. Those in need of a bit of car carnage can revel in the Twisted Metal demo on PS3. Others who want to see how the Syndicate IP has evolved can gun through its demo on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Based on my hands-on time with Twisted Metal at E3 2011, I thought the special weapons were a bit too spammy. You could rapidly tap one button and let fly every single kind of missile and special attack within a very short amount of time (less than two seconds or so). I can’t wait to try out the new demo to see what changes were made since then, because other than that, I thought the game was pretty fun. We definitely have a dearth of cool action video games in which vehicles are the primary means of interaction.

As for Syndicate, PC gamers can head on over to EA’s official site to download the demo. The real question is, will Syndicate fans’ minds melt with the realization that their strategic, turn-based game has turned into a 4-player first-person twitch fest? Have the emergency numbers and gas-filled car at the ready, just in case a loved one is in need of hospitalization.

Check out the Syndicate multiplayer trailer below:

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