The Sequel to Wind Waker That Never Was or Will Be

Is it trollin’ if you create a fairly believable sequel trailer to one of the most beloved series in all of video game history? I suppose the explanation underneath the video on Youtube is enough to let everyone know that it’s not real, but we all know that only half of Youtubers read. With no luck at all, you can bet that at least a thousand people will believe this trailer is for a real, just-announced Zelda title and spread the rumors to create a legend of a legend (of Zelda).

The perpetrator of this particular piece is Joel Furtado. If you’d like to check out his work, or even beg him to create a trailer for your favorite would-be sequel, head on over to his web page.

By the way, are you Wind Waker fans satisfied with Nintendo relegating that version of the series to only the portables, or would you prefer to see it gloriously return in console form?

Via: Destructoid

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