Sony Representative Teases Monster Hunter Vita Title


So, the PS Vita has had a bit of a rough start in Japan. Considering the 3DS is back to dominating things in the handheld market, that’s understandable. However, there’s apparently another very strong reason for that.

CEO of Playstation France Philipe Cardon has given his thoughts as to the low performance, attributing it to the lack of a Monster Hunter title at launch. He also dropped a tip that said title is due to be out later this year for the fledgling handheld.

Considering that the series itself is insanely popular overseas, this actually isn’t a bad assumption to make. Out of all of Capcom’s franchises, Monster Hunter outdoes every single one of them on Japanese soil. Unfortunately, as of late, Capcom has repeatedly failed to spread the love of more recent titles to western territories, choosing to keep both PSP and PS3 versions of Portable 3rd, as well as the 3DS Tri G, on home turf, despite fan outcry demanding a worldwide release of all of the above (totally still not bitter about that, at all).

While Cardon didn’t specifically say what kind of MH title the Vita will be getting, the actual possibilities are minimal. The 3DS is already getting Monster Hunter 4, so that likely leaves the Vita with another version of either Portable 3rd or Tri. Unless Sony has been pulling some strings behind the scenes, that is.


Source: VG24/7

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