Phoenix Wright 5 and HD Re-Mastering of 1-3 Announced

Ace Attorney is getting a new installment. No other news about the game are available, such as protagonist or setting have been provided, but some believe the logo itself gives us clues that it’s Phoenix Wright as the hero. Also announced was that the Phoenix Wright saga, games 1-3, are receiving the HD remastered treatment for iOS devices. With the upcoming release of Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, and the Live Action Phoenix Wright movie in Japan, it would seem that our beloved Ace Attorney is getting some love overseas. With his recent inclusion in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (even though they nerfed the things that made him good, they fixed it so his level 3 at least says “Take That!”. That’s… an improvement?), it would seem Phoenix Wright is becoming even more popular.


This just begs the question. Is Capcom going to show us some of that PW love? With PLvsAA having no real plans to be released outside of America, and Miles Edgworth: Investigations 2 still MIA in the states, it’s not unreasonable for fans of the Turnabout Drama series outside of Japan to be a little worried. Hopefully Capcom realizes that we love us some “Objections!” or else there is going to be a lot of really, really mad people.




Images via Famitsu

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