CES 2012: Madcatz Bringing the Fight to You

Fighting games have remained strong in the last 2 decades, with franchises like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat still at the forefront. If you wanted the arcade experience, you had to find a local arcade, spend some change, and challenge your skills against competitive rivals. As console and PC gaming expanded, fighting games would skip the arcade release and go straight to consoles, but it wasn’t enough to fulfill my arcade experience. The feeling of facing random opponents you never met before to improve your skills and using an arcade stick can still exist at home.

Madcatz is one of the biggest gaming peripheral companies that is heavily involved with fighting games and the fighting game community. The company would sponsor contests, specials, giveaways and have booths at big gaming events such as EVO, So Cal Regionals, and etc. Working with Capcom, Madcatz’ Street Fighter IV arcade sticks boomed out of stores, and to this day, Madcatz’ brand can be seen everywhere. One personal reasons I enjoy Madcatz is that they are fully customizable, from the parts to images.

AT CES 2012 Madcatz had a gaming suite that had the current build of Street Fighter X Tekken and some well known names like WNF commentator Ultra David and the face of Madcatz, resident online streaming dealmaker and Product Manager Mark ‘Markman” Julio.

And if a Street Fighter arcade stick isn’t your preference, the new Soul Calibur V arcade sticks are already available online at the Madcatz store.

Special thanks to Alex and Madcatz for having us at their suite.

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