Sony VITA Special Launch Day Bundle Announced and an Added Bonus for First Edition Adopters

Today Sony announced two bundles that will be available for the PlayStation VITA, one for people who pre-ordered the VITA First Edition Bundle and another one for people who plan on picking it up on release date.

Originally the First Edition Bundle for $349.99 gets you the PS VITA 3G a week early, a limited edition case, a 4 GB Memory stick and a copy of Little Deviants, but with the new bundle offer, Sony will be adding an AT&T DataConnect Session Pass good for one usage of the VITA’s 250 MB session, and a free PSN download game.

Now if you can wait the extra week for $299.99, you get the PS VITA 3G, and Sony will include an 8 GB memory stick, the 250 MB AT&T DataConnect Session Pass and a free PSN Download game.

If you were already planning on picking up the PS VITA, the $50 dollars you planned on buying the memory stick can be pocketed, or if you plan on buying the Wi-fi edition and pay the extra $50, you get the memory card, the 3G 250 MB pass and a free PSN download, and you won’t even need to use the 3G.

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