Mass Effect 3: Special Forces Trailer Showcases All Playable Classes For Multiplayer

So lately, I’ve temporarily taken a hiatus from Skyrim to complete my third playthrough on Mass Effect 2 in lieu of Mass Effect 3 launching in just over a month. Can I just say that I couldn’t be any more amp’d up for a game to release; it’s gut-wrenching just waiting for ME3, but it will definitely be worth the wait. Every new video that has come out so far looks better and better, with this one not disappointing either.

This newly released video focuses on all of the playable classes in multiplayer. The four player co-op allows you and 3 friends to help take on enemies as a special forces squad. Story-wise, how cool is that? Players can choose from the Drell, Turian, Asari, Quarian, Krogan, Salarian or human. Judging by the video, I really can’t wait to try out all of the classes. Imagine charging through a battlefield as a Krogan, just tearing everyone apart that’s in your way. Or running as an Asari bombarding opponents with biotic abilities. Check it out for yourself

Help take out the reaper bastards on March 6, 2012, when the game hits stores.

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