Blazblue x GodsGarden Stream Tonight

Well, technically it’s tomorrow. Blazblue will be at GodsGarden and will feature some extremely high level play that a Blazblue fan or plain old fashioned competitive gaming enthusiast shouldn’t miss. Featuring some of the best players in Japan, it will be quite the spectacle. Mitsurugi Hazama, I’m rooting for you!

Information from the Aksys Games website:

A gathering of some of the world’s best BlazBlue players is taking place this weekend at GODSGARDEN. What’s more, Dustloop, the largest online BlazBlue community will be restreaming the event in English for your viewing pleasure!

If you are a fan of BlazBlue, you definitely can’t afford to miss this event! Check out the details for the event after the jump.

Date: January 28th, 2012
Time: Restream starts at 2 AM (EST), actual preliminaries will start at 3 AM (EST). We will have a stream running before the Japanese stream starts with some EX Casuals.
Hosts: Lord Knight, St1ckBuG

The stream will be restreamed for an English speaking audience by Dustloop and hosted by top EVO competitor Lord Knight and dedicated stream master St1ckBuG. According to my in depth calculations, that means it’ll start around 11pm in the West Coast.

Link for original Japanese stream: GodsGarden 1

English restream: GodsGarden 2

Credits to Aksys and Ustream.

Join me in watching because screw timezones. Video games are serious business.

Information and image via Aksys Games and Dustloop

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