This Is Why You’re Not in a Star Wars Movie

Let’s face it. If we were ever to be in a Star Wars movie wielding a lightsaber, we’d be giddy like a schoolgirl. Here’s a commercial for Kinect Star Wars showing just what would happen if a “regular” dude was in Star Wars. I would do the same thing as the guy in the ad, act like an idiot in front of Darth Vader while being in awe of the lightsaber. You may recognize the “regular” dude (Chris Pratt) as Wesley’s jackass friend from Wanted or from Parks and Recreation.

Terminal Reality is developing Kinect Star Wars, and it will be available in April 2012 for Xbox 360 only. The game will allow you to truly feel like a jedi by using your hands to use the Force and wield a lightsaber.

If you want to see an actual gameplay demonstration, you can check out our E3 demo.

Also check out our training article with Star Wars fight coordinator, Nick Gillard.

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