Blizzcon 2012 Cancelled, Pushed Back to 2013


Early this morning, gaming giant Blizzard casually dropped a bombshell no one ever saw coming. With their increasingly complicated scheduling, they have made the decision to forgo Blizzcon this year, instead pushing the next event to 2013.

The reasoning behind this decision is to put more focus on the event that will be taking its place. Called the World Championship, it is being billed as an e-sports tournament where the Starcraft and World of Warcraft Arena competitive tournaments will take center stage. The event will take place all the way in Asia, and gamers from all over the world are invited to take part.

The decision to cancel Blizzcon is also due in part to their planned release schedule for this year. All three of their major franchises are going to be seeing release, with Diablo III due out sometime soon, and Mists of Pandaria scheduled to come out in the summer. The company is also trying to get out Heart of the Swarm as soon as they can. That’s also not even including their other project, Blizzard DOTA. With all of these major titles in line just for this year alone, it’s apparently going to take too much time and resources to put together a half-decent con.

While it does make some sort of sense, the decision to cancel Blizzcon is surely going to cause some sort of ramifications among their fanbase. And their fanbase is volatile enough as it is (just look at the WoW forums). Though it does raise some questions as to why Blizzard continues to try to support WoW Arena as a viable e-sport when the balance of the game’s PvP alone has been in iffy since vanilla, when Rogues were stun-locking and Warlocks were fear chaining with reckless abandon. Apparently having Death Knights dominating everything doesn’t look as bad to them.

So, while it is a huge bummer that Blizzcon is sadly not gonna happen, you can at least take solace in the fact that they’re putting more focus on their major titles. Diablo III looks spectacular so far, MoP might actually accomplish what Cataclysm failed to do, and Heart of the Swarm looks like it’s going to be insane. So, try to keep yourself from threatening to cancel your WoW account if they don’t put the con back on, at least for the moment.


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