Starbucks, DAFUQ?!

A Caramel Maccihato, three shots, extra sauce, maple scone, and free wi-fi, good as it gets, right? Well along with this heavenly combination, I also enjoy taking a few puffs of my electronic cigarette, when the store manager told me it is against Starbucks policy to do that indoors. Apologizing for being unaware of the new rules, I decided to see what else Starbucks was up to these days. Let’s take a look at some of Starbucks’ more recent changes.

  • Support for the Second Amendment – Starbucks is a supporter of guns in their shops. In no way am I against this policy, it is every citizen’s right to protect their family or themselves from danger, but along with the next change, this could be a problem.
  • The sale of beer and wine at select locations. Guns and alcohol. I am not solidifying that this:

Will turn into this:

But it could be a reality and a serious risk.

Starbucks has always been known as a safe, quiet, and friendly place to relax, unwind, or re-wind with an espresso, but what will these new policies bring? Well your friendly Starbucks may now be host to drunk, gun-toting individuals. Even if I do have hope for my fellow mankind, I am also very aware of the dangers in the combination of alcohol and firearms.

It is in this writer’s opinion that once these new changes hit chains across the US, Starbucks will not be nearly as teen or family friendly. So parents, think twice about dropping off your kids at Starbucks. It seems like a slippery slope, but do you really want to take that risk?

While these new policies take into effect, Starbucks has decided to ban something as harmless as the use of E-Cigarettes. For what purpose? Well, the only plausible explanation (Since no real risk has been found of second-hand water vapor) would be that they plan to sell cigarettes as well.

So although I enjoy good coffee, I will not be a customer of this chain any longer. I will be missing my caramely desert coffee, but am going to make a choice and avoid the possibility of having to clean out somebody’s vomit from my laptop’s keyboard.

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