Spartacus: Vengeance Red Carpet Premiere and Ep 1 Review was invited to attend the red carpet premiere of Spartacus: Vengeance. The second season will air on Starz on Friday January 27th. Guest writer Laura S. gives us her thoughts after the screening.

By: Laura S.


Season 2, Episode 1: Fugitivus. Like typical Starz and Spartacus fashion, this episode contained the typical: Boobs, blood and balls. LOVE IT!

Liam McIntyre, who plays Spartacus, and guest writer Laura S.

Set two months after the Fall of the House of Batiatus – we open with Spartacus (Played by newcomer Liam McIntyre) kicking some Roman butt. Cue the digital blood and slow motion fighting! Very nice. As you remember, Spartacus and his fellow gladiators fought for their freedom (along with the slaves of the House of Batiatus) and are out. Spartacus – still pissed off that the Romans resulted in the death of his wife Sura – wants to take revenge and leaves a mark on one of the dead soldiers he (and his comrades) killed.

The mark? For our buddy, now Roman magistrate – then military commander – Gaius Claudius Glaber (Craig Parker). He’s moved up now and has stayed in Rome until his father-in-law Senator Albinius sends him back to Capua to deal with Spartacus, and he decides to take his first-boob-shot-scene pregnant wife Ilithyia (Viva Bianca). Viva’s Ilithyia is so fun. She is such a spoiled brat and plays it SO well.

Craig Parker who plays Claudius Glaber.

Spartacus and his men come back to their underground hideout in the cisterns. There we see Auelia (widow of Varro, played by Brooke Williams) and Spartacus’ lover Mira (Katrina Law). You can totally see Mira’s love for Spartacus, but he’s driven for… vengeance!

We also see Crixus’ (Yummy Manu Bennett) men – all Gauls – being a Gaul himself. They come back with food and Spartacus forces them to share with the rest of the people in the underground hideout. They get angry about Spartacus telling them what to do and tell Crixus about the incident. He comes in and honestly… since when did they become so literate and intelligent. Crixus and Spartacus sound like they are reciting Shakespeare but talking about the Romans, but back to the story… Crixus’ goal in life is to find Naevia (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) – who was sold during the first season. He has a lead he wants to follow and asks Spartacus to come with him.

Manu Bennett, who plays Crixus.

Where is this lead? At a whore house.

So we see a lot of sexual acts going on – threesomes, a strap on (yes, a legit strap on), oral sex, and MSM sex – and lots of boobs and penises. Yay! Then we see the naked men getting killed by Spartacus and his men. So we see lots of naked bodies and blood squirting out of them. It was a little awkward to see blood and penises, but I repeated to myself, “This is Spartacus.”

Crixus finds his target as the target is peeing on a naked prostitute (she’s crying in horror). He turns to see Crixus wanting to talk to him and then gets stabbed by the naked prostitute. Crixus is determined to get the information out of the guy and tortures him to get the information out. This is a pretty gruesome part, as we see organs being pulled out. Oh Crixus.

Viva Bianca plays Ilithyia.

Back to Glaber and Ilithyia going to Capua… surprise, surprise! They stay in the House of Batiatus. How does Ilithyia react? Like a bitch, of course. Glaber said that was the best place to hold the fort. She goes into a room to pout. We then see a flashback of her sexual encounter with Spartacus from the first season, and during this flashback, Ilithyia turns around and screams. Glaber and his Romans come running and what do they see? Lucretia (played by the beautiful Lucy Lawless)! She survived! It’s pretty amazing… but Lucretia has gone mad and forgot the events that happened during Spartacus time there. She calls for Naevia and forgot that Ilithyia killed Licinia. Glaber and his men decide to use Lucretia as a symbol of survival against Spartacus and to show her to the people of Capua – cut to Lawless boobage as she is being washed. I know some of you wanted to know if we see Lawless boobs… we do and they’re glorious!

A lack of Lucy Lawless boobage. Catch it on the 1/27 premier.

Spartacus and Crixus comes back to the hideout. Crixus finds a lead where Naevia might be and it’s south of where they are. He wants to go and hopes Spartacus comes with him. Spartacus, of course, wants to help Aurelia, since he shares a brother-sister relationship with her and gives her money to go far away from the Romans. He hears that Glaber will be speaking to the crowd in Capua, so he wants to attack them. Everyone is against it because Glaber brought an army of Romans with him. Mira tries to convince Spartacus to go south with Crixus, and it seems like he agrees as they have some sexy time.

Next day, Crixus goes to Mira to find Spartacus, but Spartacus left before she woke up.

Where did Spartacus go?

He went to check out Glaber’s meeting announcement with the people of Capua. He is surrounded by a crowd and talking about beating Spartacus. The Romans are powerful and they bring out their symbol, Lucretia. The people become excited and talk about how it’s a blessing from the Gods. Lucretia spots Spartacus, but is speechless.

She says, “He’s here,” but everyone thinks she’s crazy anyway and doesn’t listen to her. She’s clearly frightened. They also bring out another symbol, Aurelia (badly beaten and barely alive). They found her and Spartacus’ men and plan to kill her in front of everyone. Spartacus jumps out and fights a bunch of Romans to get to Glaber. They fight and Glaber gets cut on his arm. They surround Spartacus, but just when you think it’s over, Crixus and the gladiators come and help. They retreat when the Roman army started to outgrow them. They take Aurelia back to the hideout. She dies, but not before telling Spartacus it’s his fault that Varro and herself have died and to stay away from her son. This causes Spartacus to realize he needs a bigger army to fight against Glaber. So he agrees to go South with Crixus to get Naevia and free slaves to recruit them for his own army.

Katrina Law, who plays Mira, Spartacus's lover.

During all this, we do see Oenomaus (aka Doctore, played by Peter Mensah) hidden from the crowd, watching and estranged from Spartacus and his gladiators. He still feels shamed from losing his honor as Doctore by turning against Batiatus. There is also a reward for his head, which I doubt anyone could ever catch him, because he brutally killed three men who tried. It was fast and bloody…REALLY bloody. Pretty awesome.

We are also introduced to new characters – Sparing siblings – Seppius (Tom Hobbs) and Seppia (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence). They are the children of the current heads of Capua (they sat in the head area during gladiator games). I feel like we’ll be seeing a lot of them. Seppia is definitely going to be a conniving character – you can just tell.

Marisa Ramirez, who plays Melitta.

The first episode of Spartacus: Vengeance was how I expected it – bloody at its best. The characters are really fun to watch and cheer for (and against), but I still had a problem with Crixus becoming more vocally literate. He sounded like a Shakespearan character compared to when I remembered him as a brute Gaul in the previous seasons. They definitely developed him within the two months of freedom, but I still love him. As a fan of the late Andy Whitfield, he would have been happy with their new choice – Liam McIntyre. Liam did remind me physically of Andy – especially all dirtied up and covered in blood. I think Liam does look younger than Andy (because he is) but can pass off as Spartacus. Of course, I need to watch Liam in more episodes, because the one episode doesn’t really define him as Spartacus. He’s done a great job so far, and I can’t wait to watch Liam grow.

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