A Drell Does a Flying Punch in New Mass Effect 3 Co-op Footage

Mass Effect 3 is coming out on March 6th, but that’s just too far away for what could be the best game of 2012, right? Well, never you mind, because there’s a Mass Effect 3 demo for the single-player and co-op mode coming on February 14th. Will it test the limits of your patience, and maybe strain your relationship as you slip away asap to get some Mass Effect in on Valentine’s Day? Yes, for some of you it will.

Gametrailers has some new, must-see footage of Mass Effect and…Oh my god, did you just see that drell do a flying punch!? Whoa, sorry about that, I got a little excited. Check out the beginning of the video, and then skip ahead to 14:40 for video of the co-op mode.

I can’t wait for this co-op mode. The Mass Effect series is my current favorite story in all of video game-dom, and now I can even pop it in if I just want a little action–that came out wrong and I apologize.

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