CES 2012: Verbatim Bringing You More Memory with a New Spin

Verbatim has been around for quite awhile and is a leading brand with data. I remember buying Verbatim CD-Rs/DVD-Rs for school projects, CD player, and everything else for back up before the days of the cheap flash drives and memory cards. Verbatim still brings you burnable discs in both DVD and Blu-ray, but now carrying your flash drive will be easy.

The Micro USB Plus allows you to protect and take your USB drive anywhere with you, like on your keys without fear of damaging any data with the rubber protector. It’s available in multiple sizes

My favorite is still the Clip-it that was shown last year. I got another one, since my first one went missing. It’s great to hold papers while storing up to 4 gigs of memory.

One thing this CES showcased quite a bit are Solid State Drives, and Verbatim brings both SATA 2.0 and SATA 3.0 to the table available in multiple sizes including a 480 gig version. With a large line up of both 2.0 and 3.0 along with the kits (images in gallery)

Last year Verbatim released a slim, foldable, wireless keyboard that was compatible with your iPad and even had a built in stand. This year a new Mobile ultra slim keyboard will be released compatible for all iOS devices and compatible tablets, the keyboard is Bluetooth and rechargeable via USB.


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