‘Beauty and the Beast’ in Theatrical 3D Review

So if any of you had noticed, I was not around the site for 3 weeks. I had gone to a far away magical land known as… Scandinavia. When I came back to the states though, I also visited another magical place… The Regal Cinemas to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D! I’ll be the first to say that I think $15 per ticket, with student discount mind you, is a bit ridiculous for a 1991 film. Even though it was and still is a great film, that does not change the fact that in 1991 average ticket prices for entry was around $4.15. (NATO.org, Answers.com) With inflation, and all the other economic scenarios that would lead the market to raise ticket prices, that does not really give anyone a good explanation as to why companies, like Disney, are getting away with charging people like this! Let me stop right here before this goes on any further. Back to the film!

Beauty and the Beast is probably one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. There are many reasons for it. The story is enchanting. Book worm meets beast, a man and his castle cursed for his heartless being, and an encompassing story about true moral values. What more could a parent & child ask for in a motion  picture? Well, there is also the great soundtrack and visual musical numbers that overlap beyond generations. This is why Disney decided to include it in the re-release saga of 3D movie events.

“A tale as old as time”, right!? Beauty and the Beast was one of Disney’s first to use computer generated modeling in their cartoon animated films. One thing to note is that with most early animated Disney films, when animators like the great, Glen Keane, composed the movie they would of done so with multiple layers of story art to create every scene. This is why when watching several Disney animated films certain object stick-out in the foreground, and other more in the background.

The reason I like to bring this up is because with the newly animated 3D aspect to the film, the viewer truly gets to see that very difference; foreground & background. The film just re-releasing in the movie theaters makes up for most of the enthusiast and newer child generation movie goers, but the 3D adds a spice to the theatricality of it. For the most part the film is still in original format, but because of those animated layers mentioned above, the film truly shines where it once never could. Rain drops layered in animation jump out at you, scenery is as crystal clear, and cinematic musical scenes bright up your eyes like never before.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for the weary ticket prices! If you happen to be a Regal Cinema rewards card holder, Disney has teamed up with the rewards program to distribute a limited edition lithogram pantlet that doubles as a $15 reward coupon towards your purchase of the Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray dvd. So it goes to show that Disney adds a little bonus for movie goers to watch the film at Regal Cinemas.

So do I recommend you to watch this in the movie theater? Yes. Will you think any different from the original theatrical release, and in home copy? Probably. Will the ticket price disturb you slightly? More than likely. But, will the movie be enjoyable and unforgettable in 3D as it was when you first remember watching it? Absolutely! Do yourself a favor and go watch this in theaters before it is gone forever – or until the next great technological advanced makes it available again.

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