Earloomz Bringing Fans Some Nerdy Custom Bluetooth Headsets

The following are questions that fans can argue about constantly: Which is better, Star Wars vs Star Trek? Who is the best NBA team? But rather than arguing, what if you could just show it off while you were on the phone?

Earloomz offers tons of different style of bluetooth headsets with multiple themes. For the nerds you have different versions of Star Trek, Star Wars, cartoons series, and much more that keep getting added all the time. Sports fans have a huge selection of NBA themed or college themed headsets allowing them to sport whichever one they want. For music fans, Elvis and Lady Gaga can easily be found on their website along with more designs – even protect your phone with the Dragon!

Earloomz also offers a few other things like cases for iPhones using the same unique art style found on the headsets. They even offer Dog tags?! You are reading that correct! Compact and offering even more crazy stuff for fans and people who really want to show off.

While the special bluetooth headsets run about $59.99, at CES this year a new set was shown that included improved sound quality for about 20 bucks more and offered some of the same, and some new artwork which will be available on their site soon. It may be a bit costly, but for the effort and artwork on their sets fans who really love to show off a particular series, item, show, and team will not be disappointed.

What will you be showing off?

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