CES 2012 – Australian Laptop Cases by Toffee, Koala Bears Not Included

Nobody can deny the saturation of Apple accessories on the market. The showrooms of CES immediately attest to this fact, but reality is that you may sometimes find a product that piques your interest. Such is the case for Australian accessories brand, Toffee.

Toffee’s product line mainly cater to the Apple crowd with cases designed to fit Macbook Airs, Macbook Pros, and Ipad 2’s, but do not let this deter you, PC Users, because my Alienware M11x was able to fit nicely and securely in a Toffee 13″ sleeve. The result is a clean looking protective case for your laptop and accessories.

Toffee Pocket Pouch for MacBook Air/Pro 13"

Outside Pocket

What exactly separates this product from the other Apple accessories, you may ask? For starters, these products originate from the land down under, Australia, so be prepared to be asked about where you got your case. To the uninitiated, you may even go as far as saying, “These are all over Sydney. Check the Apple Stores there.”

For protection, a dense foam layer guards your laptop from short falls. This may not protect against waist-high falls, but keep in mind that we are talking about a laptop sleeve that is meant to look trim and slim. The feel of the sleeve is thick canvas accented with a leather trim. There are outside pockets that clasps shut by magnetic buttons with another zippered compartment that could hold flat index cardshaped items.

Toffee Travelling Brief

Check out Toffee’s products at their website below. The site is currently offers free delivery worldwide, so there’s no need to fret about any additional delivery charges.


SOURCE: Toffee

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